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    100 million after first 40 hours of farming? Seriously? Too good to be true, sorry.
    Paragon 43 is not 40 hours of farming.
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    You'll get significantly better items later. You can safely expect one 10m item(or several 1-5m items) per 10hours of farming(or to be precise per 500 elite kills )
    Also no. It IS all about random luck.

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    on 400mf+ (you should be already close to this number with your paragon level).
    No, not at 43 paragon, unless you stack MF or run a very high MP level.

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    I average about 0.5 legendary each Act 3 run, this is on my Wizard (PL 22 orso, MP7)
    Havent found anything super special yet, but got some decent sales (10m+, which is, basicly nothing)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    Paragon 43 is not 40 hours of farming.
    Ofc. It can be slower for new players.
    But we are taking leveling time as a reference to farming effectiveness.
    If he can't do 50m exp/hour it means he can't kill 50 elites/hour either. His farming is slow, he is getting gear slower.

    And for 9 out of 10 new players its caused by doing it wrong. They pick up lvl 60-61 items, they waste time identifying and salvaging them. They kill all the monsters on their path instead of running through them and letting them die.
    Maybe they are using the wrong class, spec.

    Also no. It IS all about random luck.
    Its true for an average person at 50+ paragon. NOT getting items or getting more of them is about luck or unluck.

    No, not at 43 paragon, unless you stack MF or run a very high MP level.
    100 on your gear, 25 on follower, 50 from mp2, 75 from nv. 250 in total. You'll have 150 from your paragon on lvl50 to push you to 400+.
    If you don't have it, maybe it explains why you look surprised about getting one good item every 10 hours of farming.

    Let's not have a useless dispute here.
    If you(or anyone else in this thread) have problems with farming (like getting pretty low xp/hour or not getting drops), they can just explain in detail what they are doing and ask for an advice.

    I'll tell you what people usually have after hitting level40 as barbarian. They get 150k dps and enough survivabiliy for non-stop mp2 farming. Their gear is ~30million worth and most of these money they got from farming gold on their way. They can farm keys and solo ubers on mp7+.
    Results might be SIGNIFICANTLY worse if player is playing different class or if he can't use AH properly.
    It means buying good gear for cheap by using bid, and selling his items smart by gradually reducing their buyout price. I.e. if you got item that is worth ~10m you should put it on ah for 15m and reduce the price by 1-2m every time its unsold. Ideally all your 10 AH slots should be taken by 10m+ items which you slowly sell one by one once a week in average. You must not waste your time and ah slots for selling 250k items.

    Also by that time you should get enough knowledge about items and what are people looking for and how much they are ready to pay. So if you happen to buy a good item by bidding it for cheap, try to resell it right away for 2x the price. I got at least half of my money doing such trick. I guess there is some point(when you have at least 20-50 million to start with) when ah trading becomes more profitable than farming.

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    I have heard all the cool kids now are just running either Keep 2 or Crypt of the Ancients on MP10 and just clearing trash. Then resetting. Seems Neph Valor Stacks are so last month. Been watching a few streams and some you tubes and the amount of rares dropping from just from white mobs when set to mp 10 is just astonishing. I assume quite a few Leggys can be gotten doing those kind of short fast runs as well. But I also assume this isnt worth it unless at least P80 with decent gear. Crypt might be easier since you arent actually killing the elite pack and theres only one to worry about but you still have to survive him while you kill the trash.

    Also VoA on MP5-6 seems to be pretty good as well, again not worrying about getting 5 stacks just running it and resetting and running again. Some of those elites can suck so I would hate to try it on 9 or 10 unless you have a bil in gear. Or 2 mil if a Barb..../sigh
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