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    He's had quite the adventure. Grizzly Hills, Vashjir, Jade Forest, Kun'lai, and the Siege of Orgrimmar. I honestly couldnt see it end any other way.

    Though I did enjoy seeing the Vision where he allowed Thrall and Varok entry into the city. Perhaps he held on to hope still... that despite his loyalty to the warchief, and despite the knowledge that it was NOT his place to question Garrosh, he could still be swayed by those whom Garrosh would consider his peers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shredy View Post
    Thanks for the answers. Sucks that he dies, but I guess it goes with his character to be loyal towards the Warchief.
    He died defending his city, and upholding what he believed was an honourable position, despite the fact the man who he followed had forsaken his own.

    It's a sad loss of an interesting character, but he gets a good death, I feel.

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