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    Having some trouble with my grid addons

    So two addons that I use with grid are grid corner icons and grid side icons to track my many sheilds and debuffs and such as a disc priest. Grid has been updated, but they haven't, and after reloading them out of date they seem to not being working anymore. If anyone else has had any success with getting these to work for them any advice would be much appriciated, because I'm missing a lot of information I normally use to heal with my grid as is.

    - Thanks!

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    I was having exactly the same problem and just found the solution. It's the GridIndicatorBorderTexts plug in that's not working and this fix is noted on its Curse page which I can't link to as I don't have enough posts

    You need to edit the core.lua file in Interface/Addons/GridIndicatorBorderTexts and replace every instance of Grid.options.args.Indicators with Grid.options.args.GridIndicator

    Seems to be working fine now!

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    i don't have GridIndicatorBorderTexts but still the corner and side icons + Central Text 3 don't work , hope there is a fix soon for this as my raid will soon begin

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    I had to do the same thing for GridIndicatorSideIcons - find GridIndicatorSideIcons.lua in it's folder and change all the instances of Grid.options.args.Indicators with Grid.options.args.GridIndicator

    I guess you'd need to do the same for any others too, those are the two I use for those indicators and it's all fine and back to normal now. Make backups though in case it all goes horribly wrong :/

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    Thanks sooooo much <3

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    I'll have to try this out tomorrow, but I'm already looking for alternatives. In the past I appreciated the fact that Grid was so modular and customizable, but I really wish the core Grid developers would help out more when some of their popular plugins fail. I know they're not in charge of the plugins but after looking for a fix myself and seeing them say that it's not their thing sorry, really is making me want to look for an more cohesive all in one alternative. Grid2 seems to be abandoned... thinking of finally taking the plunge to Vuhdo or going Elvui raidframes. Shame too since I've used Grid since BC.

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    As mentioned by Phanx in the WowAce forums:
    All plugins done by kunda (GridIndicatorCornerIcons, GridIndicatorCornerPlus, GridIndicatorSideIcons, GridIndicatorSidePlus, GridIndicatorText3 and GridConfigIcons) have already been updated in December. This update just wasn't tagged as release yet, therefore you have to configure your Curse Client to download Alpha versions of these plugins (or download them manually from WowAce if you don't use the Curse Client).

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