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    Not sure why everyone is so pissed off about the healing nerf?

    Time to cast was cut in half, health received cut in half, cd removed. The way I see it, if you need more health, you can evoc twice in a row. Granted, you'll 'waste' a gcd, but that's justifiable when its the choice between death and a gcd loss. You won't lose any actual time vs health gained compared to 5.1 evoc.
    After experiencing it on live, it became rather clear to me it's not cut in half but reduced a lot more. So yeah, I take back what I said above.

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    People like you are the reason we can't have nice things.
    Lmao, thanks for a good laugh! Calm down kid, no need to get your panties twisted.

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    next to the non-spreadable living bomb, this botheres me the most in this patch. I didnt really see the harm in the healing and the way it is now makes the glyph almost obsolete, like most others.
    I am glad though that I still can easily farm kael'thas and onyxia for the mounts. I was afraid that would not be possible anymore but its just as easy as before, you just stand there like an idiot spamming invocation.

    healing and damage increase should both be 20% and it would be fine in my opinion, although I still think its incredibly stupid to use invocation all X seconds to keep a damage buff up (or casting incanters ward or standing in a rune). in MOP, the firemage is as fun as never before in wow (and probably the most fun caster in all games I ever played), but this is really quite dumb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    for a class that's not supposed to be a fulltime healer, 10% of your hp every 2.5 seconds is still stupid seeing as you can spam it. You gotta agree that 20% every 2.5 seconds was pretty OP.
    Garbage. Flash of Light, Flash Heal, Healing Surge, Healing Touch, etc. They heal for a lot more than 20% of health.
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    I can't complain about the nerf, because I don't feel that mages should have ever been able to heal themselves; that's not what we're meant for.

    But it sure was nice for soloing things. Even with no CD, it's hard to keep yourself up with 10% heals through wrath raids.

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