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    Send a pet to get hit by the healing debuff of the individual spirits by moving it along the sides of the bridge with "Move To". Bring it back. Repeat. Done in 10 minutes. Pets are not affected by wind whatsoever. Really it's only slightly longer than Jinrokh trash if you do it quick and do it correctly.

    People complaining about trash taking time are complaining about the exact purpose of the trash. Whether you like it or not it has existed in the game for 8 years (aside from a few experimental cases that haven't really resurfaced) to slow you down in raids and take time. And it's not like it doesn't make sense from a lore/etc. viewpoint, big boss bad guys don't just sit around in their lairs alone, they have minions.

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    Watching people run off the bridge and die when people have said repeatedly, "Stay on the stairs", is just -___- There is A LOT of trash but it's not bad, I like the bridges.

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    Don't think I have ever enjoyed trash mobs.

    For me it's only a time sink getting to the bosses, that's the fun part.

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