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    Quote Originally Posted by hulkgor View Post
    Easy is NOT better. Bosses shouldn't just roll over and die in the first couple of attempts (like Jin'rokh... lol). They should be tight encounters, well tuned, even taking a few hours to optimize a strategy and execute.... at least that's what i think about it.
    I enjoy the challenge. Going off of the t14 kill that took us the most attempts, my fail-ass guild took over 75 attempts to kill H SK *after* it was given a fixed order and I loved the shit out of every last pull because it was a well-designed fight, it actually felt good to get down. Same with H Will and a few other fights. Jin'Rokh was a joke, there is no way my guild should have been able to kill him in half the time of his soft enrage and then struggle so much on this boss. No one is dying to shit like sandtraps or getting rammed by the boss's charge, I would like to say we have a good balance of aoe'ing and focus firing adds to keep them under control, and between all the dispels and adds all over the fucking place, it's really tedious. It's a very simple fight mechanically. I'll be the first to admit that my guild isn't the best and we are carrying a couple members, like quite a few guilds have to these days. But I've never been this frustrated with a boss before because of tuning when we are handling the mechanics correctly over and over and not getting any further.

    I expected this about halfway through the instance, but I'm really not sure what we're supposed to do. It's a gear check, it's like Elegon, it really wasn't that hard but it required top-notch dps when people were still in low-level gear and became a joke when people outgeared it. I will be very surprised if there is more than a handful of guilds with average ilvl under 500 that kill this encounter this week. I'm just not sure what to do, only being able to farm one boss and having access to just a few 522 pieces isn't going to get us far very fast. I would certainly hope people with 510 ilvls that are in 16/16 hc guilds find this easy because they outgear (and yeah outskill) the shit out of it because, again, it really isn't that hard mechanically.
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    We were able to down it, got a lot easier once we assigned specific people to interrupt each poison caster. Killed it the first time we got into the 3rd set of adds cleanly, fight is easy from then on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alopex View Post
    Burned hero to get through the Drakkari phase, phase 5 was a joke anyways

    This, killed it in 7 pulls on 10 man which is being reported as the harder of the two for this specific boss.

    As far as the Ice Trolls go, the big add has the same health on 10 and 25 right now. That's why 10 is struggling so much. When the first one drops, mark it with a skull and Blood Lust. If your dps isn't shit, it will die before the next two drop. Mark another skull, kill it, then kill the Dino add, and then the 3rd Ice Troll. AoE down the little adds and move on. If you're having a hard time on the poison adds, run 3 healers.
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    25 man, 7 healed it. Took four pulls. Last pull was the first time we pushed second phase, which is a joke. All about interrupts and add management. Our average raider iLvl is around 498. Council was the fun fight, so good luck if you think Horridon has a lot going on. That took us about an hour to down. Best of luck.

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    it works well as a gear check. the real question is at which point should in a raid should you have that style of an encounter

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    1 shot it easily.. just have to handle dispels.

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    Ha ha, have fun on megaera.

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    Instance is out for less than 12 hours. Threads pop up about bosses being overtuned.

    Yep, signs of a new tier.

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    Have you tried interrupting? if you actually interrupt what you're supposed on the poison gate you don't need any dispells. The Ice door you can avoid close to all damage aswell, the frost orbs spawn and move in a circle. tank them together let them spawn orbs and kite them away /repeat.

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    Like other people have already said, Horridon's all about interrupts on the 2nd gate. Assign 3 interrupters a raid icon, mark the spell casters as they come out, ????, profit. If you guys think Horridon's overtuned, brace your anus puckering anger for Council.

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    We've now got P1 and P2 down. But then shit hits the fan with the Drakkari lol. Ill mention poppin hero for Phase 3 to try and get through them. but the adds just seem to keep coming and coming and coming worse than the first 2 phases.

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    A majority of our guilds time was spent on the bridge boss (we only raid 2 hours on raid nights), and god damn...I wish I could get to Horridon. We will tomorrow, but jeez. That trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pacioli View Post
    10 man normal, we went with 3 healers and 2 healers. With 3 healers it went holy pally, resto druid, and disc priest. When it was 2 healers it was disc priest and holy pally.

    Im interested on how to handled the adds.

    The first door goes easy enough. (sandy floor)

    The second door goes crazy with 3 priests AOE poisoning the raid. Is the solution to simply DPS burn it down fast enough and dispel the highest stacks? If so we are hurting badly in those departments.

    The 3rd door usually we are so beat down by door 2 that it doesn't go so well. But it looks like it wouldn't be that bad if door 2 didn't crush our guts.

    Never saw final door or the next phase.
    Burn the effusions, then the priest, then everything else. Both the effusions and the priests can and should be interrupted. It's entirely possible, with people burning hard enough and being good with interrupts, to go to door 3 with nobody having any stacks of the poison debuff.

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    For our kill, 25m, we went in with 6 healers. WE decided that by the end of phase 1 the boss would have his 200% dmg buff so we didnt even dps him. as for adds, focus biggest to smallest. we also assigned 2 interrupts for each caster, marks adds as they come out and keep ur kicks on those adds full time. one thing we found to be easiest is to keep the boss in the middle of the room, gave us more room to avoid the poison and frost orbs. also remember that even though u cant CC any adds, u can stun them. we had warriors spec for Shockwave to keep adds stunned as much as possible. Save hero for phase 2 when the "second" boss comes out. after that its a sheer cake walk. we had 2 pally healers healing and all the other healers just dps'd.

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    On 25m, we easily got to the 2nd door with the poison guys, which quickly overwhelmed us as the fight went on. After learning how to deal with those, we were getting to the "5th phase" of the fight rather easily. Well, we were getting them consistently. We spent about 30 minutes learning it before raid time ended. Going down in a few attempts tomorrow.

    Monk Revival is GODLY for the poison debuffs.

    I love this fight as a Survival Hunter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobakanushe View Post
    A majority of our guilds time was spent on the bridge boss (we only raid 2 hours on raid nights), and god damn...I wish I could get to Horridon. We will tomorrow, but jeez. That trash.
    The bridge was quite possibly the most fun I've had on trash in a long, long time. Even if my guild spent about 1.5 hours on it from tanks falling off, or pulling 2 healing debuff adds, or whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lokithor View Post
    We've now got P1 and P2 down. But then shit hits the fan with the Drakkari lol. Ill mention poppin hero for Phase 3 to try and get through them. but the adds just seem to keep coming and coming and coming worse than the first 2 phases.
    The best advice I can give for P3 is to stack up, and all kite the orbs together. Since the 2 smaller mobs just randomly attack people, you need to stack them so people can cleave/aoe. Also, try to focus the Warmongers (or w/e) as their MS hits like a truck, and the less orbs the better.

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    Horridon just requires intellectual interrupts, that's all. If you interrupt all the Poison Volley casts on the 2nd door there is 0 raid damage. Likewise, on the 3rd door the idea is to just tank the disease-stacking mobs and burn down the Frozen Warlords. The disease doesn't tick for that much if you can dispell on CD, and most classes can kite anyway: the smaller adds have no aggro table, but can be CCed. DPS on Horridon does not matter until you've killed all the adds, if you're splitting DPS you're doing it wrong. Adds > boss > kill the Warlord dude > kill boss > collect loot. Simples.

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    Seriously, lust when the first priest spawns and interrupt them all and the fight becomes a joke.

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    I think the main problem with the fight isn't really a tuning issue, its just the way its tuned. Obviously having poisons/diseases is really screwing some groups when blizz had said they would make all important debuffs magic so they could be dispelled by any healer. Which when I see a 200k/3 second disease ticking on me isn't really the case

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumblecrush View Post
    You question a statement nobody made and try to counter an argument that doesn't exist outside of your head. Nobody said they wanted bosses to be faceroll. You know that, but you're just trying to flamebait.
    No, you stated a person saying it's fine that normal isn't "tuned" for walkover is turning to strawmaning n' hyperbole, to which I asked what was either in that sense!
    Don't make stupid statements if you can't back them with some facts, seeing as you chose to avoid answering what you mean't.

    I can elaborate if you like, it is perfectly acceptable that even normal mode encounters pose a challenge for the average normal / heroic raiding guilds, a wast majority of the time it boils down to wrong approach (attempting to brute-force to avoid dealing with mechanics, or not understanding the encounter, see Stone Guards / Elegon from Msv for further elaboration on this statement)

    Taking Horridon as the example, ensure your interrupters are doing their job, ensuring dispelling is being done properly, ensuring Lust is being used in the "right" part of the fight, Horridon himself as well as Jalak isn't the main issue on this encounter unless tanks can't position the bosses accordingly, or people can't avoid the charge.

    It's quite possible this fight is unbalanced for a 10m group lacking options in setup, but for a 25m there really shouldn't be a huge issue that can't be resolved by ensuring players are doing their assigned duties.
    It's already been stated that understanding the mechanics should lead to a win (duh), nothing new in that, but Tier 15 takes that assessment a step up.

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