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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypasonic View Post
    Our guild run on this wasn't too bad in 10 man, we had about 5 tries or so before we got the kill. Our average ilvl was about 495/6 so I can only say that if people with less gear are having issues here, then you might just need more to survive the encounter especially for tanks as they can get hit quite hard in the last phase. We 3 healed it with no issues on the enrage.

    If people are still having issue's you can always go back and kill some heroic T14 encounters for some more gear, the 10% damage and hp buff should help alot there.
    What kind of a raid composition did you guys have? Do you remember if you guys did anything special or innovative to deal with a hard mechanic? (for instance one poster suggested using DK army to deal with the 3rd adds)

    Either way, good job on beating it on 5 tries on that item level. Did much better than my own guild.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    EDIT: The number of adds is the same on 25m and 10m. So on P3, a 10m will have a much larger % of its raid getting disease stacks and fewer potential people to dispel it. Usually 5 Champions and 5 Warriors will spawn before the gate gets crushed. That's 6+ (because Warriors die quickly) disease targets going out. How is it balanced for a 10m to have more than half their raid diseased and they may not have the composition to dispel it, while a 25m only has 20-25% of their raid diseased and much more options for dispelling? The seriousness of the players isn't a factor in this, it's just not balanced.
    You are assuming that the disease amount is based solely upon the number of mobs. I'm pretty sure we are getting more actual diseases cast on us despite having the same number of mobs.

    Quote Originally Posted by kilj View Post
    I love people who are like meh wasnt hard.... Your also in 510 ilvl... in a guild thats 10+ heroic t14 progresson... This fight is very much so overtuned for 10 man....
    Did you miss all those people (including the post directly above yours) that came in here around 495-496 ilvl and said they killed it in under 10 attempts on both 10m and 25m? If you are at least 496 (which is perfectly reasonable if you are a normal mode guild with some 2/2 upgrades and 496 vp stuff even with some bad rng), gear is not blocking you. Its strat and execution of mechanics, just go fix them.
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    We managed to kill it yesterday (7/16h) after a couple wipes (We average about 502 ilvl). The 2nd door is definitely overtuned for a normal mode encounter, you need a lot of high burst + good interrupts which is kinda hard to come by for a 10m. I can see though even with lower ilvl you being able to kill it, just requires more perfection in terms of interrupts/killing order.

    For the third door we all stood off to the side (in between the Amani and Drakkari (Frost dudes) door) so they would all funnel in one direction so the tank could easily grab the frost guys (we did this for every door, makes add pickups a lot easier). The giant frost dudes honestly aren't that big of a deal and should be the last targets before the other ones. The zombie trolls randomly attack whoever they want and if they do attack they put up a pretty nasty disease. Because we were all bunched up away from the door the zombies funneled down an easy path and with frost traps and knock backs we killed them all before they reached us (they are very squishy). Our OT just kited the frost trolls in a circle staying away from the orbs and we stuck our melee on the frost dudes too. Healer's just need to keep the two tanks up as there is little to no raid damage if the zombies don't touch anyone.

    We found council is somewhat easier then this fight as we killed council in about 2 hours. We struggled more on Horridon just cause door 2 and door 3 you need a lot of burst and good control/interrupts otherwise your hurting the rest of the fight. All the members of the council are nicely tuned just Zul is overtuned. He does a lot of damage already and when he gets empowered it gets pretty lame. If you can survive him being empowered twice you can kill Council as the rest of the fight just requires decent damage and killing the add.
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    We killed the 1. Boss on the 2nd pull, but we wiped on Horridon. I wouldn't say we were horrible, indeed we were pretty close on killing him. In T14 we were 6/16hc. On our best attempt we reached phase 5, killed the War-God but wiped at 27% Horridon, because we run into the enrage time and one auf tanks died premature and with him 2 of our dmgdealers.

    Also a question here... I told all my people that interrupts & dispels are the magic here. So they weren't really focusing on Horridon durning the first 4 phases. Might that be a reason why we run into the enrage as well?

    Some tips though:
    - 1st door: Easy, but have the ranges and healers position themselfs a little bit outwards, because the sandtraps are spawning beneath a player
    - 2nd door: Worked like a charm for us to exactly arrange who is going to kick which priest. The priest are always spawning in the same order and at the same position. So our tank took the first one (and marked it with a skull). Shaman took the 2nd one, marked it. Fury took the third one, marked it. So there was always a kicker assigned who was also responsible for marking his priest. The green additional effusions were kicked by our ranges
    - 3rd door: Random shit happening here. Used bl though.
    - 4th door: Seemed easy again.

    Another thing: It is possible to bubble Triple Puncture debuff from the tank. Tried that, because one of our tanks died early in phase 5.

    So I hope we can kill him on our 2nd raid day.

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    The trick to this fight is 2 healing it, just call out targets and nuke them down fast. while 2 players interupt the 2nd and 3rd adds that come up. Rest of the dps all focus the same one untill its dead, then move on to the next called out target
    Damage on your raid isnt that high, if the right mobs get interupted so really no need for a 3rd healer

    On 3rd phase all move stacked up away from ice orbs and aoe, on4th phase get melee out of range from the guys on the bears.

    Pop hero on Jalakdude and it's a sure kill

    (btw our raid ilvl is about 495 ish)

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    The thread is too long for me to read it all so I'll just throw some thoughts in here and ignore whether this has been covered before.

    Background: Our guild was 7/16HC in T14, so yes, above average. Our ilvl's were in the range of 494-500. Comp was 3 healers, 3 ranged, 2 melee, 2 tanks. No monk healer.

    First night we tried without doing that much research it felt horribly messy and we were getting raped by doors 2-3. Second night we made some specific assignments and it became very much manageable and we killed it straight away. The assignments were basically the following:

    - On all doors 2 of the ranged were assigned to dinomancers when they spawned.
    - First door pretty much just kill as stuff spawns except the dinomancer assigment.
    - Second door nuke down the first venom caster before it spawns an effusion. When the 2 next spawn, have two melee dps put a skull and cross on the venom casters respectively and all except one melee interrupter go on skull and keep killing it first. When dino spawns, assigned range go on it, rest stay on target and also try to kill effusions as they come up to minimize spells that need to be interrupted. Keep assignments and mop up the adds while moving to the next door.
    - Thrid door. Burn down the first big guy as far as you can before the next two spawn. When the other 2 spawn, blow bloodlust and nuke the hell out of them, while moving towards the next door each time frost orbs spawn. Be ware not to put frost orbs around the next door though.
    - Last door, just kill stuff as it appears and stay close to the door to get all casters picked up and interrupted as much as possible.
    - Move raid to the side of the arena where the second boss jumps down and nuke him asap. Make sure tanks switch just as the second boss is going down to make sure stacks are low when Horridon enrages.
    - Last phase spam heal tanks and wait for loot.

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    Haven't killed him yet, but did some progress the last two nights. Got to gate #3 w/o deaths, getting overwhelmed there. But I don't think you need 500+ gear to kill it. We have an average gear ~490-495 with some players close to 500. 16/16 in the last week of 5.1. Trying with 2 healers atm because we have serious dps issues (Ret w/ 30k But it's still managable if you handle the adds correctly. #3 might a little bit of a gearing/dps check to burn the big adds down asap but if you your raid consists of avarage skilled dps it might be okay.
    Only tweak they should/could make is turning all debuffs to magic effects. Not having a monk at all makes it a hard time dispelling the poison debuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piando View Post
    Only tweak they should/could make is turning all debuffs to magic effects. Not having a monk at all makes it a hard time dispelling the poison debuff.
    Sorry, but the fix for the monk thing being OP is absolutely not to make the stuff all magic and then make priest mass dispel even more OP than the monks because the monk one is a 3 min (I think) cooldown and mass dispel has none (though it does have a reasonably large mana cost).

    I'm not even really sure I'd say the monk thing is OP. If you handle the adds correctly, you shouldn't be getting many poison stacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sesshou View Post
    You are assuming that the disease amount is based solely upon the number of mobs. I'm pretty sure we are getting more actual diseases cast on us despite having the same number of mobs.
    Everything I see for Uncontrolled Abomination says proc chance 100%. That would make it based solely on the number of mobs. Unless you rotate AoE stuns and knockbacks, something 25m would have more of. And if you do end up kiting them, you still have a majority of your people without adds on them so they can heal/dps no problem.
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    Obviously having to kick a few adds, dispell a few different shit, and click an orb from time to time makes this fight impossible for anyone with less than 500ilvl. Yeah....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Last Starfighter View Post
    I am not in a top guild, and after reading alot of threads about Horridon being overtuned, I was expecting us to go in and struggle on him. We 2 shot him. Much easier than what people make him out to be. Fun fight.
    This happens every time a new raid is released. Same with Elegon last tier. Maybe people have unreasonable expectations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kouby View Post
    Obviously having to kick a few adds, dispell a few different shit, and click an orb from time to time makes this fight impossible for anyone with less than 500ilvl. Yeah....
    Impossible no, but extremly hard without the propper set-up. Having say, two mistweaver monks will result with the 2nd gate getting really easy since you simply just remove all the debuffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alopex View Post
    Burned hero to get through the Drakkari phase, phase 5 was a joke anyways
    this 100x over, frost phase seemed hardest for our group, we BL/hero'd it, and killed the boss that attempt, last phase was indeed easy

    also pala tank ftw, i as brm sat on adds aoe'ing ^.^ while he bubbled and bop'd and whatnot to get rid of boss stacks,
    only had to take boss for 15 seconds after a door slam and at the end of the fight for a bit.
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    Hi guys
    We killed this boss right on wednesday after maybe 7 trys or so.
    We found the key to this fight isn't dispelling everyone and everything it's more about to track the guys with the most stacks of the poison/disease. You rly need to dispell them first, track it!
    My guild finished t14 with an avereage itemlevel of 498-500. We 3-healed the fight with a monk and pala tank.
    At first the pala tanked the first and third door but this didn't worked well, so we switched, that the monk tanked the first and third door.
    Besides our healers, everyone helped dispelling shit, like the pala and monk tank and instruct your dd's to interrupt every cast they can.
    We didn't need bloodlust at the third door. We just tanked the boss far away from the door, right i nthe middle of the room, so that the raid had enough place to dodge these orbs and kite them slowly to the fourth door.

    hope i could help some of you.
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    I have read through 75% of this thread.
    I was wiping on horridon last night in my 10 men casual raid group. We could not go past venom priests. Top I lvl in the group was 499.

    We had less than 10 pulls I think.

    I think we can down this boss, after we improve tactically and with execution.


    My raid team did not even try anything on HC in tier14, so I find it weird that many people here suggest that,
    I should not expect the difficulty to be normal here??? Normal means about 496 I lvl gear from previous normal.

    I am willing to work on this boss, I like the instance, and I like the new patch in general.

    But if I have to wait for LFR first to get more gear for our raidgroup (since someone said normal horridon tuned to ILvl 502) then this "normal" raid s a misunderstanding.

    So can a casual group in casual 496 average I lvl gear kill it?
    or it s that we need either more than casual group, or more than casual 496 gear?

    I d like to see some official answer from Blizzard, what is the official tuning of this encounter.

    Because if we have to pull this boss for the next 2 weeks, 3 raids per week, 3 hours per raid, this means 20 hours on the boss that is only 2nd normal boss in the instance. If that would be the case then I think Blizzard misjudged the attitude of wow casual raiders' base.

    We all want the sense of progression in raiding, but not like, 2 weeks work per 1 normal boss.

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    So can a casual group in casual 496 average I lvl gear kill it?
    Yes it can, it just requires getting the execution on venom and frost doors right. Gear wise you are high enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikoslav View Post
    Because if we have to pull this boss for the next 2 weeks, 3 raids per week, 3 hours per raid, this means 20 hours on the boss that is only 2nd normal boss in the instance. If that would be the case then I think Blizzard misjudged the attitude of wow casual raiders' base.

    We all want the sense of progression in raiding, but not like, 2 weeks work per 1 normal boss.
    So what? Think about how much time you're going to have before 5.3 - you know the next bosses are easier than Horridon. Put in the time, get over the hump, and after the first couple of kills he'll be on farm mode.

    If a game asks nothing of its players, what’s left of it as a game?
    Folks used to get stuck on bosses for 2-3 months, not 2 weeks. Seriously, this is a good thing and Blizzard should leave Horridon as-is. LFR will open up, the average guild's gear will increase dramatically, and all that will remain is the absolute lowest percentile of normal mode raiding guilds that still cannot execute properly. By this time (hopefully no less than 1 month), Blizzard can acknowledge the lowest 20% is still having issues and can nerf it then.

    5.2 was live for two days and there were rivers of tears due to a slightly challenging encounter. If that doesn't paint a perfect picture of the state of average level raiding...slap my ass and call me Sally.
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    @ miko

    i understand your frustration with this boss. our raid group wiped on him for a hour on tuesday and another 1.5 last night but we got it down. We're a 10m group with an avg ilvl ~490-498. Our raid comp is

    dk tank
    monk tank
    shammy druid priest heals
    warrior warlock shammy hunter rogue dps.

    We found that if we marked the dinomancer when they came down and assigned the rogue (me) to use the orb on the boss while everyone else was killing the adds in the proper order we could do it. For that we marked and burned the first venom priest on the second door before the other two drop (while interrupt their cast) and then marking and burning the second and third (with dedicated interrupters on them). With only the druid able to remove poisons and the lock to help if needed we found that we got through the second door with no real problems on poisons.

    For the third door we made sure to have our dk tank on the warlords and the monk on the boss. We had everyone stack up on the right side of the door as you face it and when the 1st warlord spawned we popped lust and burned him down we made sure to have our warlock and hunter go super aoe mode at this point bc we found the little adds that have no agro table were what was killing us (shammy warrior rogue kept single targeting warlords and burning them). All the while at the 3rd door we were slowing kitting over to the 4th to get out of the orbs.

    On 4th door just make sure you spread out to avoid chain lightning and the totems. Phase 5 like everyone said is win win burn boss to 30 burn war god jalik and the pop cds to get through last 30%.

    hope this helps
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    the average normal mode guilds coming from t14 dont have nowhere near 496ilvl. You think each everyone of them has 496 items dropped to every single slot? There even isnt 496 for every slot.

    And it might not sound a lot going from 490 to 500 ilvl, but the difference is pretty huge. For the first time in MoP in considering switching to a more dedicated raiding guild, i dont really think our everchanging roster of casuals (we have no mandatory attendance) will manage to get even council down...

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    My group wiped about 10 ish times I'd say on Horridon before the kill. We might actually have got it sooner but dropping down to two healers actually pretty much made the kill for us. It gave us significantly more control on the adds. We did find that the second tank wasnt losing his triple puncture debuff before horridon normal enrage on jalaks death though. So we had our tanks swap adds and boss when horridon charged and was stunned on the final door so that his debuff could expire a bit faster. Jalak took a while to jump down though which lead to our main tank going up to 9 stacks which got a bit dicey but survivable with activate mitigation. Perhaps we could have swapped a bit later and been fine but it was a kill then so was sorted .

    Highly recomend having some dedicated person interupt the dinomancer though. We didn't really bother dpsing horridon much or interupting the heals but when we were going for the kill i interupted more and was surprised to see that even with the little time we had to hit horridon we went into last phase with him at 75%, so got him to 50% before jalak even joined the fight. Completely worth it. Also makes them drop the orb faster as they dont transform while channeling.

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