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    Quote Originally Posted by mk4 View Post
    Loving it! Open all those bags, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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    I have got more items last night from LFR then i had in 6 weeks > so yes defenitly a higher drop rate.

    Maybe not noticable at once for everyone.

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    Its great reading all this and knowing that most of the people here are the type of people that back up old school wow saying stuff like "Back in the day i used to work hard for gear! bring the game back to the old days etc etc " then saying the game sucks because you dont get max geared from LFR in the 1st 2 weeks... seems legit...
    Do YOU believe that everyone should has a fair chance at having fun? Of course! We all know what is right. Wanna know what isn't fair? VANILLA WARCRAFT. It was a hotmess, Unbalanced and unfair. Yes, I played for years. I was better than you. I was full BiS/Maxed in PVP as well as Rich. I know the game inside and out and thats why I support a FIXED and BALANCED classic warcraft with QoL features 110% because I RESPECT the fact that Everyones gameplay style and class should be viable and fun.

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    The drop rate is increased, that doesn't mean loot is guaranteed. I've only had the chance to run one LFR wing on my main alt (monk) nad got shoulders I already had and didn't need. Aggravating but...well, its aggravating.
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    I got 8 pieces from 1 LFR ToES on my druid. (with elder tokens of course, had like 15 of them from that scenario lol)
    Drop rate def is better but i guess some people got unlucky

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuzzfizzle View Post
    That and you're a liar.

    You really think someone would do that?
    Just go on the internet and tell lies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiqjaq View Post
    You really think someone would do that?
    Just go on the internet and tell lies?
    Lies? On the internet? That totaly ruined my day.. I'm starting to think there ain't no single ladies in my area looking for fun anymore : /
    Hook 'till you're hooked!

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    I've got loads of drops since 5.2 for my Druids OS, not ran it on alts yet until I get more Charms on them through running the solo scenario.

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    I've gotten 2 items in lfr so far, and I've only done Heart of Fear

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    I guess if people used the previous LFR loot system they way they were supposed to then the game wouldn't change it to completely random. But i also guess that would be too much to ask for ... i can't remember how many times a feral dps needed on the int neckless on morchok and won it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post
    That's about 8 resets. Said person would've to be incredibly unlucky for that to happen. Basically the chance for that to happen is 1.08372338E-16% so all in all nigh impossible for that to happen. The one who doesn't understand percentages seems to be you.
    Yet the nigh impossible has happened to me. Before shared mounts I decided to take my alts to Strat and SH for the barons mount and the raven lord mount. Out of 10 alts I got 8 Reins of the Raven lord, and 7 Deathcharger's Reins on my first runs. I nearly shit my pants. My roommate nearly punched me in the face since he had been farming those mounts on 1 character for years and I got 15 in 1 week. So it could happen that you no items with a 99% drop rate. Improbable but possible.

    With respect to T14 LFR, before 5.2 my 3 LFR capable alts all of them had at least 10 LFR items equipped by the time 5.2 dropped. That is actually more raid items than my main raider has. We have not seen any Pally, priest, lock tokens drop. There has been no int shield drop, there has been no int plate drop, no int weapon without hit has dropped, The only items my healer has gotten are two rings and two trinkets, plus what ever valor items I have purchased. Yesterday after the patch I ran LFR on my healer and picked up all 5 Tier tokens, a shield and a the sha touched mace without coins. So I would say the drop rates are definitely increased.

    LFR is not slower than real raiding in terms of gearing up. LFR is not faster. Over all it is the same. Some people have bad luck and complain very loudly, some have good luck and shout it loudly, the vast majority get their 1-2 items out of 5 LFRs per week and say nothing.

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    Did all LFR's on my paladin this week. 16 bosses, 7 items. 2 of which I wanted quite badly.
    Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter Of The Swarm
    T14 shoulders
    T14 head (offspec)
    T14 gloves (offspec)
    Signet of the Profane
    Spirits Of The Sun
    Healing mace from Will of the Emperor, vendor'd because I'd already gotten Kritak!

    Seems your luck is just bad Or mine is just good

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    I had 3 drops yesterday. :3
    Only did the first 2 lfrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    ITT: People who still don't understand what 'random drop chance' means.

    Items could have a 99% chance to drop and you'd still have someone get nothing for 2 months in a row.
    You probably wouldn't see anyone else chime in with similar experiences though.

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    Tripling the drop rate of 1% is still only 3%.

    And still is more of a chance than 1% + coin 1%.

    They're sneaky like that.

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    Not as bad as my druid:

    The week before 5.2 I killed Elegon and got the leather chest, used my coin and got...the same leather chest. Yesterday I killed him again, and got the leather chest again, used my coin and got my 4th leather chest!

    But to be honest, last week I ran HoF 2nd part and ToES and got all 5 tier tokens in the same day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    I ran Throne RF on my newest 90 today, got an epic from every boss except Lei Shi. The lesson here?

    Random loot is random.
    Throne RF is not even available yet, what is you trying to say here?

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    Spent 14 elder charms on Shek'Zeer/Lei'Shi since 5.2 was released, still no sha-touched weapon - bad luck is bad :<

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    From a recent blue post:

    Our developers are aware of and looking at ways to address outlier cases in Raid Finder where even a greatly increased chance to drop isn't enough.
    What do you guys think?

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    Since the patch I've actually gotten quite a bit more gear. Maybe it was luck, idk.

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