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    Now i remember why I have a level 78 mage even though i detest casters in MMO's

    All the many years of Mage favoritism has forced me to level this dispicable and boring guy in a bath robe that throws snowballs at people for a living, looks like i get to go back to this unheroic guy again just because of Blizzards massive blatent favortism, why should i play the other classes when they are a constant roller coaster of buffs and nerfs, when Mage is simply buffed constantly and only tweaked instead of nerfed? You may say im not forced to play him, but if i want a CONSISTENT play experience, without constant destruction of my class every patch/hotfix, than i AM forced to play this class

    Here's to more ridiculous 40% damage buffs to this class in the future, whill ele shaman/WW monk/Boomkins get ignored


    Of course ill just get bored and be unsubbed by next month again, now you know why this game loses millions of subs each year
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    Look, GC is holding a knife to his throat!

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    Agreed, people/Blizzard can say all they want, but their is at the least a slight favouritism towards mages.

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    Isn't it just a 40% damage buff to one spell of all specs? I mean, I don't play anymore but I am pretty certain that's what I read.

    Also pretty certain they make certain pure-dps classes are viable in top end raiding scenarios because pure dps classes have one job. Monks, Shamans and Elementalists can occupy more than one role, to be viable in top end raiding. This is the new hybrid tax - pures get buffed first when they need it.

    If this is a PVP issue? Then after "sooo long" of playing (apparently) why haven't you realised WoW is not a PVP-centric game.
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    Consider this philosophical question: If Blizz fails, but noone is there to see it. Will there still be QQ?

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    Agreed, people/Blizzard can say all they want, but their is at the least a slight favouritism towards mages.

    Clearly...being nerfed to the bottom of the charts across all 3 specs, then having your worst dps spell increased by 40% is clearly favoritism

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