The Power of Mushrooms - Well place mushrooms after the stomp as well as the DPS not being downies gets a good 160k heal across most of the raid. I know this was my number 2 heal last night.
Tranq - Tranq is OP like usual after the stomp, also can be used as a nice wipe recovery tool to stop a wipe. I know if you have more then 2 resto druids in your healing rotation you can save one as an OH SHIT button.
Ironbark - super awesome for the bat tank, use it liberally.

Potions - DO NOT USE POTION OF FOCUS - USE MASTER MANA POTS. If you get a blue circle around you or a turtle spinning to you GG your potion of focus wont be as effective.

PREHOT - Prehot about 8-10 seconds before the stomps, it allows you to get 1-3 groups a rejuv that will tick once or twice right after the stomp.

Symbiosis - Use it on a Shammy, soooo much movement that Spirit Walkers Grace mixed with your Tranq is going to be nice!