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    AOE Priority and Spec question.

    Having some difficulty figuring out what is more important during multiple add/boss phases.

    Barrage or Multi Shot?

    If I have them both off CD and around 80 focus should I use barrage or multi shot? During high focus regen phases are people spamming Multi shot (keeping enough focus for Es)?

    Or is the rule always barrage on Cd?

    I'm also noticing Lynx Rush being used more and more and crows less? Anyone see a boss list that shows Lynx vs Crows by boss?

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    Always multishot first to get SrS or Beast Cleave running on your targets.

    Then it's barrage>multishot.

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    It really depends on the amount of adds tbh. For example, if it is just around 3 adds that you are trying to cleave just use MS once to spread SrS, then use your T90 talent and continue your single target rotation. Once you get into a higher number of adds, throw your single target rotation out and just do MS -> T90 -> MS and fill 2x CS followed by MS until adds die. Don't forget about your explosive trap.

    AMoC will always out-damage Lynx Rush if you can consistently get full use of the debuff.
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