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    [PvP] Best rogue spec 5.2?

    Now that the 5.2 is out, lots of things looks interesting, im just not sure what to pick.

    Sub or assa? Anyone have a link to a good sub/assa spec? (Doing mainly arenas)

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    Id say sub depending on how you talent it. Shadow Dance + Cloak and Dagger is pretty good good addition

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    Sub is still the strongest in arena situations i feel, as it offers the most utility.

    Dance peels, Huge burst on 1 min CD.

    Assassination is good for RBGs, or 5s Maybe. Where you can just tunnel a target, or multi dot for huge energy regen

    Combat, is hilarious in 1v1s. I haven't lost a 1v1 yet, MFD Kidney shots at 30% Badits, into a killing spree. Cya!
    Want Rogue Gameplay? Subtlety/Assassination Guides? 2v2 3v3 and 1v1 strategies?


    Also SCP Containment Breach, Guild Wars 2, and Diablo 3!

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