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    Warlock help

    So am I doing something wrong or is warlock dps kinda low? Now granted im in dreadfull and contend pieces but im just doing dailys in the new area and it takes me unusually long to kill a mob. I also am only using a heroic 463 weapon but I can see a big deffernce in my other toons. Also Can anyone reassure me that locks will be much better once i get a malev weapon? Or are they just in a bad place this patch around? Thnx for any info patch day hit and im just sooooo torn between my monk and this lock so I havent really got to dive into 5.2 yet cus im not sure who I wanna do it with.

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    Depends heavily on your spec. If you are only doing things like dailies, then Destruction would probably suit you best for your lone pve spec. It is more burst focused and you can normally drop your regular farm mobs quickly with it by comparison.

    Now, in terms of in the future, Warlocks become beastly and are expected to be near the top or at the top of damage meters for most fights. Affliction is your best spec generally, though Destro and Demo have their places for some fights. An important thing to note though is that Warlocks scale really, really well. A 460 ilvl Warlock will do a damn sight less DPS than a 475. On a Patchwerk style fight, I'd guess that a 460 would do around 60k DPS where as a 475 will be doing 70-75k and with a 500, around 110k. So, you can see the scaling gear will do for you. I believe Warlocks are the class where gear scaling is much more noticeable the stronger your gear gets.

    Stick with it. Locks can be fun for a multitude of reasons. Also, make sure you are hit capped

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