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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumjumm View Post
    I think they should divide the achievement points into different categories. I mean make for example PVP-achievement points, PVE-achievement points and so on. Just to make it easier to track if you are only interested in some parts. I know you can see on the summary now how many you have in each category but it would be even more split this way.
    Because they're called achievements... you achieved this or that... if you want them all, get better at the game, meaning find out your class and find a viable comp to get 2200 in 3s or 5s or w/e achievement you're missing... it's not hard, the only thing stopping you is yourself... you know you're not the best at pvp, you know that it would require a lot of work to get better and master your keybindings... The whole reason I'm against your view is that if PvPers can drop their hate for PvE and do all the heroic raids for the sake of achievements, then some PvE hero can learn his class better and become good enough to get the 2200 achievements. If you can't achieve it, then you don't deserve an achievement... simple as that... it just makes you that much more renowned when people inspect you and see that you have almost all the achievements, including both PvE and PvP... there's no reason to make it easier to collect them all... it's supposed to be earned, not given.
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    To be honest I find that having a shit ton of achievements a good thing to have. it means that those who are achievement hunters can dedicate a lot of time to get them. achievements should not be so easy that any can do all of them in a few days/month.

    personally i only have around 11k to my name
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    Since you don't get anything (generally) for achievements I don't see why it would matter if a new player would be overwhelmed withe the number of achievements they "need to do".... The point is they don't need to do them and nobody really pays much attention to other peoples achievements anyway.

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    Making everything an achievement "Oh look you learned how to fart!" takes the meaning right out of the word achievement. The number seems enormus now with MoP.

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    I love achievements, just hit 15k yesterday.
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    Achievements have too few categories currently and the difference in time spentoints ratio between them is way too high for some. Right now its pretty easy to get to the 90%+ mark and then you get stuck with doing pet battles or pvp which takes longer than everything else put together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonheart View Post
    And even for someone considering such a goal would have to adopt a very different approach to what you have in mind. You can't expect to look at it as one big project, rather they need to break it down into smaller projects. A few weeks back someone had set out to go about achieving this from scratch on his new account. He wanted to know how long it would take to get 9000 points. Some suggested a few months and some said 6. I don't think it would take him anywhere less than a year minimum to achieve that total.
    Took me just over 11 months to get it on my original account, I started just after the cata release. This was without dedicated achievement hunting and with very little experience in MMO's. For someone who know WoW and are going to achievement hunt from the start it really shouldn't take too long.

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    Obviously for new players its a lot things to do but at the same time a massive amount of achievements "nerf" themselves over time, raiding ones if anything else, specially with tools like openraid. They're meant as goals to achieve (hence the name) and aren't meant to be capped, only time a handful of people even capped them was when content lasted WAY too long (ICC and DS) and they had been playing for years.

    Coming in late in anything does that tough, and its not eevn a matter of being late more than a matter of time invested, of course someone is bound to accomplish more if they invest more time in it, its just natural.

    My only real complaint about them is that i feel the point system is a bit borked, aparently getting Gladiator, 2700 in arena or killing Ra'den is worth as much point as hugging a couple critters, doesn't make much sense to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    My only real complaint about them is that i feel the point system is a bit borked, aparently getting Gladiator, 2700 in arena or killing Ra'den is worth as much point as hugging a couple critters, doesn't make much sense to me.
    I guess this is a lot of it for me... I think it's really cool that they've been able to come up with so many achievements, and that there IS just a vast amount of content available. But I wish achievements were weighted, like in Xbox 360 games - it gives a lot more meaning to your achievement points. That being said, I'm sure Blizzard is aware of that, and made the conscious decision not to use that system (with exceptions such as metas) because they felt it wasn't in line with their vision of the game.

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