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    It's dying a horrible death.

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    who actually searches for world of warcraft any more? lol. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows what it is...must look up trend for midget po..nvm

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    Now people are really reaching if they are using google searches as the criteria for WOW dying.

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    Could also be that a lot of people already know of it, so they don't feel the need to search for it?

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    Didn't the last thread like this got locked and the OP banned?

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    when was the last time you googled the words "world of warcraft". for me, i think it was in about 2005 before i learned about mmo champion, thottbot, wowhead, wowheroes, wowprogress, raidbots, guildox, wowtrack, and the official forums.


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    Because now people searh DB/fansites like Wowhead, Wowdb, MMO-Champion and etc

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    It's not "dying a horrible death". No one searches for World of Warcraft anymore.
    Sure, they did in 2005 when no one knew what it was. But now? No.
    That should be pretty obvious to anyone.

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    @OP, I think that's actually a pretty cool graph. It shows the massive amount of people searching for WoW so they can find out more about it and then eventually go buy the game and now, everyone knows about it and pretty much all the people that want to play the game do. So I fail to see how that's showing "It's dying a horrible death" lol...

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    I can see what you see not - vision milky then eyes rot. When you turn, they will be gone - whispering their hidden song...

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    Also, did you make an entirely separate thread 2 days ago with the same image? Didn't like the response you got them? :P

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    Who would search for Word of Warcraft over google? it's as famous as google!.

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    people don't need to search google for wow sites, since they just favorite them and go directly to the sites without a search engine.

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    Your previous thread with the exact same image was locked, please don't simply recreate a thread.

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