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    Got Resurrected - Which Class should I Boost to 80?

    Hello, MMO-Champion! It's been a while. So anyways, yesterday I got resurrected and am now playing again for the first time in two years, and I don't know what I'm doing yet. I'm not sure if I should start a new character to get back into the game, or push forward with one of my level 80 toons. Either way, I get to boost one character to 80 and I'd like to get that done in case Blizz changes the Scroll of Resurrection before I remember to do it.

    So I've come to you to help me make my decision. First off, I have a level 80 Druid, DK, and Shaman, so I'm not going to raise any of those. I also have a 65 Mage, so he's out as well. I have a Paladin and Warrior in the 40s, a Priest and Hunter in the 30s, a level 9 Rogue, and no Warlock, any of which I am considering. So if you have any thoughts on what I should pick, they would be greatly appreciated. Things like which class is fun to play now at 90, which classes suck to level up, etc. Thanks!
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    Even though you have a hunter in the 30s they are great

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    I would probably boost a "pure dps" as I think they may be less fun to level. I like doing leveling dungeons, but the queues for dps just make it frustrating. Leveling a tank in dungeons is great fun, imo, and the queues are instant. Leveling a discipline priest with lots of dungeons was one of the most fun things I've done in WoW.

    So I'd go hunter or warlock from your list.

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    Boosting a Hunter to 80 was the best thing I ever did. it revived the game for me!!

    All the Spirit Beasts in less than a week! (This was before CRZ mind)

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    take a class you enjoy. WoW changed fotm to much to be even worth rolling fotm

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    No one can give you advice on what to play or to like. You can get a 100 opinions and still not know what to choose. And in the end it doesn't matter much anyway right? Anyone can level to 80 in a matter of days. So it's not a huge decision. But if you want my advice, I'd say take the class whom you had trouble with leveling before. You thought it would be cool to level class X but after level X you quit that toon and deleted it. Since it is not really a big deal, you can now taste the same type of character at a higher level. Perhaps that was the issue mostly. If not, no loss.

    I would think this thread would be closed soon tho.

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    Take a class you like. We cannot choose for you.

    Now close this thread, it has been answered

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    It amazes me every time that people ask this. How can we know what you like? You didn't even give any hints, like do you want to heal, dps or tank? Melee or ranged dps? Mix of dps and healing like Monks or hots, all rounder or shields? I have a 90 of every class, so I suggest you level them all... Start with boosting a warlock, then level the rest.

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    We can't choose a class for you; that's too subjective. You need to make the choice for yourself, after doing your own work to research the classes.

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