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    They already have, when they fought back the Kor'kron together with Thrall. That's really not much of a spoiler.

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    What i would like to see is:

    You meet up with thrall, at the start of the raid.
    He takes us to orgrimmar, with the intention to tell garrosh to stand down etc.
    He will do some speech about how garrosh can redeem himself, by giving up his position as warchief and stop being so power greedy.
    Garrosh will cry like a little bitch, send one of his cronies as a boss fight and he will run off, because he is shit scared of thrall.
    Thrall will call him a coward, and rally members of the horde to search orgrimmar to find garrosh.

    They could use a combination of different places that garrosh is hiding. For example in one raid reset, he is hiding at ragefire chasm, the next week he is at the rear gates.
    They could give him different abilities/mechanics depending on where he is, and the raid would also recieve help from an npc faction that is currently fighting in that area.
    Kind of like how yogg works with keepers, except you only ever get 1. One section of orgrimmar would have help from tauren, another from trolls etc.

    Not sure how the alliance would play into it. But Horde and Alliance have always worked together to defeat a common enemy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    Actually the Horde only lost the second war because Doomhammer decided to break off the Siege of Lordaeron to track down Guldan after his treachery, thus allowing the Alliance to regroup and eventually push them back to Blackrock Mountain. They didn't lose because they were weak at the core, but oddly enough because Doomhammer chose honor over victory, deciding that Guldan had to be brought to justice.
    Incorrect. When Gul'dan went after the eye of Sargaras he took with him about half of the standing forces of Horde army that was supposed to assault Lordaeron meaning they were outnumbered. So instead of continuing the siege they would lose now, Doomhammer went after the betrayer. This allowed to Alliance to recover and strike back.

    Anyways, current day there's also a split between the orcs themselves and not just with the other races. Thrall mentions this during the reclamation of the Echo Isles. His once most loyal bodyguards outright attacked him denouncing him. Thrall realizes that even if he would retake his former position as Warchief a part of his people wouldn't accept him anymore. A lot of them don't like Garrosh either, but lets face it: defying Garrosh atm means you're gonna have a tough life or no life at all.

    Also wasn't Saurfang the commander of the remaining forces in Northrend now? (after the defeat of the Lich King)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyandor View Post
    Also wasn't Saurfang the commander of the remaining forces in Northrend now? (after the defeat of the Lich King)

    Around the time of the Cataclysm, Cairne Bloodhoof travels to Warsong Hold to meet with Garrosh. It is revealed that Saurfang will remain within the hold as part of the Horde's Northrend skeleton crew and as the leader of the Warsong Offensive and the Horde Expedition. As Cairne bid Saurfang farewell, he could see in the orc's eyes that he knew that there would be plenty of ghosts to haunt him, if only in his memories. - wowpedia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urti View Post
    But isn't Thrall currently on the Echo Isles WITH the Darkspear, while Vol'jin is in Pandaria?

    Wouldn't it be a trip if Thrall and the Darkspear retake Org while Garrosh is in Pandaria, and the "Siege of Orgrimmar" is actually us INSIDE the city holding off GARROSH'S siege? Each boss being another attempt by Hellscream to gain access to the city, by unleashing different weapons/forces upon it's walls. I don't think it will, but it would be a twist from what everyone's expecting.
    Cool idea.
    Hyjal 2.0

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    Orgrimmar needs to look like a North Korea prison camp in 5.4 for the raid.

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