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    Shan'ze Ritual Stone

    So, if I use my stones will I get the loot?
    Just killed one of those guys with 4 other people and only one could loot and get a key for the solo scenario. We couldn't even roll.
    Is it random or is the player who summons the mob the only one who can get something?

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    Player who summons it, I believe.

    Also, if you wipe and it despawns, you lose the stones. So don't wipe.

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    No. It's random. There were four of us in my group last night when I summoned it.
    I (summoner) got nothing.
    2 of the others got a key each.
    The last non-summoner got nothing.

    None of the keys were rolled on.

    So, you can blow your key and get nothing at all from it.

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