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    New Ascalonian Catacombs Guides!

    Starting with Path 1!

    A few interesting changes which seem to get a lot of bad reputation. Personally I love what's changed, sure it isn't a simple faceroll fest anymore, but I like that. I enjoy actual encounter mechanics instead of afk auto attacking the boss from a damned pillar where he can't hit you.

    With the changes I figured a few folk would be a little hesitant to re-enter, so these guides should hopefully provide enough information for them to pick up a sword and brave the changed catacombs!
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    Richie P also put out a quickie guide on his Bogotter channel a few days ago.

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    Haven't done it, looks easier

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    Haven't done it, looks easier
    I'm glad some bosses got more mechanics but why did they nerf kholor? The one shot mechanic was fine it's just that's all you had to look for since add's didn't respond. So they made adds spawn and nerf his aoe?

    Spider queen seems boring, 2 mechanics. Frontal snare which half the time you won't get it with a poison and a poison which is easily avoidable.

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