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    Question about Festerblight

    Hello all,

    Question regarding how to update diseases using Festerblight rotation. I understand that we use festering strike more often to extend the duration of diseases on the target, but how do we update disease damage when new procs that would do more damage occur? Im using DKdots and sometimes it shows that if I reapply my diseases there would an increased amount of damage. Does Pestilence "reapply" the dmg modifiers for diseases, or is it basically, once you start rolling them they stay at that damage level until you reapply or they fall off (ie. no way to update the dot and leave the extended time on target)?


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    You do not update your diseases after the initial application in festerblight.

    You apply with trinkets, synapse springs, blood fury, fallen crusader, and prepot. Thats every type of AP proc possible so they will never be able to be stronger.

    Pest reapplies from current values to the new targets but not to the current one.

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