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    8 games in a row with trolls and feders, WTH?

    After my placement game I was in Bronze I. Was needing only 1-2 wins to be promoted to Silver. After few good games (some lost but still good) the nightmare beginn.

    I was getting in every game feders and trolls. 8-10 defeats in a row. For example last game, 1 sec before locks someone picked SECOND adc, defeat. Another one, someone said hes great with ryze, really strong, 10 min 0/8/0, defeat. Sometimes you can win even 4v5 but when you have two feders in team, or troll picks like this its just immpossible.

    And now Im just demoted to Bronze 4. Im not pro player but since I start played rankeds I did not fed even once, always respecting other people picks. Why then Im so unlucky with teams? How its possible to losing almost 10 games in a row due feders and trolls? Im ok wih being outplayed but seriously not this ;(

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    This is partly why I don't play the game (tried it in beta and a friend tried to get me into it last year) - Most people on these forums already know the horror of randoms in WoW. 40/15/10 man BGs are bad enough - and those are maps where 1 person has much less impact than the 5-player team games in LoL. No way in hell would I subject myself to that kind of torture.

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    There has been a lot of trolls and arseholes lately.

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    I know that feel bro, I had a 72 minute game last night where my whole team decided it would be a great idea to start jungling now that the enemy was pushed up to the Nexus. We ended up winning, Just..

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    Try looking up gbay99's videos on youtube. I know it won't help so much with people intentionally trying to ruin your day, but he gives great advice and a lot can be learned from what he tries to teach.

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    It is preferable that you use The I Just Had a Bad Game/Team/Need To Vent Thread! thread, for topics like this.

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