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    Whats the best class to go with Demo Lock/ Frost mage in 3's combo?

    Ok i have a frost mage and my friend is a demo lock,
    what class do you think will fit in with us for 3's arena?
    we want to do well and dont know if we should go healer or another dps
    any help is appreciated thanks

    Also do you think demo lock is best spec to be with frost mage? or should he be affliction or destruction? thanks

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    Don't ever play triple DPS, especially as a caster team. You'll end up 300+ rating lower than you would be with a healer (Unless you're playing Ret/Rogue/Hunter in S11).

    The Lock would be better off playing Affliction or Destro. Demo isn't really that great anymore, especially for 3s and when playing with a Mage.

    Regarding which is the best healer though, it's something like this:
    Druid = Shaman > Monk > Paladin = Disc >> Holy

    Both Druids and Shamans have good synergy with the lock, and Druids can choose between Port and Iceblock depending on the comp with symbiosis. Shamans would've been the better choice in previous seasons but I have a feeling Druids are going to be just as good this season. Monks have amazing healing output but I doubt you'll find one that's any good, or on the same skill level as a Druid or Shaman (if you do, good luck though!).

    I won't go into why Paladin/Priest aren't good choices, it basically boils down to bad synergy. If you can find a Druid, Shaman or good monk though you'll be in a good spot. There isn't much between them at all for that comp atleast.
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