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    About to level prot warrior. Tank or dps heirlooms?

    I'm about to level a prot warrior (or one that will eventually turn prot). I have some questions.

    Is there any need for tanking heirlooms or should I just spec prot and use the dps ones?

    Would it be better to just go arms and dps heirlooms and still tank? I do plan on pvping a lot (probably constantly, I'm on a pvp server) so I guess arms would help in pvp. But tanks are useful for carrying flags, etc. I can't decide.


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    Whatever spec you end up choosing, go for the DPS heirlooms, there's no real point taking the tank ones given the difficulty of the leveling dungeons. You won't need the tank gear until the point where you can't use heirlooms anymore anyways.
    Regarding spec, just go arms until you can get dual spec, then get both. You should be able to tank just fine in arms spec under that point anyways.

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    DPS hierlooms spec prot and you pretty much rape every class in bgs no joke

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