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    I don't see how playing like a tank is conducive at all to being good at 1v1. Especially against any class that has decent self healing.
    Necrotic Strike says hi.

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    as a frost DK shadow priests are probably the easiest class for me to kill. really any caster that isn't a healer tbh.
    A really good frost mage will eat a frost dk alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by LowKeyedup View Post
    Necrotic Strike says hi.
    Necrotic strike said bye after cata. No where near the monster it used to be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    First off, your definition of kiting is wrong. Kiting as it is defined in WoW PvP is when you can stay out of melee range for whatever reason. Priests have gap openers. Primarily fear and psyfiend/void tendrils. Void Tendrils are exceptionally powerful against Melee but most people roll with Psyfiend. Psyfiend, even against anti-fear classes like Warriors is still exceptionally useful. The Warrior will charge at you so you pop a fear bomb which will be blocked by Berserker Rage. Wait the 10 seconds for Berserker Rage to fall off and drop a Psyfiend. If they don't trinket it, you have roughly 6-8 seconds to pop some DoTs, run like the wind or do some Mind Flaying until the fear breaks. If they trinket it, great! drop a 1 orb Psychic Horror and call it a day.
    And staying out of melee is done by....? Slowing your opponent and using gap openers. Secondly, the gapopeners you mention are classified as CC's, and are used offensively to, in your own word, cast mind blast. A Gapopener to me is something like teleport, blink, Roll, displacer beast, thunderstorm, typhoon, or any big sprint like speed of light.

    If you win against warriors with that strategy i'd be amazed. Popping Psyfiend on the DR, and then you'd have no CC ready for like 30 sec, because of the zerker rage on next fearbomb. You can't fight toe to toe with a warrior, so that would mean you have to kill him by that time or lose. Isn't that much like i described how you needed to kill the warr? By bursting him to shreds with all you got at start? I've dueled a warrior who got out of the void tendrils and charged me before i could even get that MB off when i tried that.

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    Let me add it up for you. 70K PWS + 60K Divine Star + 60K Renew + 20K PoM is a reliable uninterruptable 210K every 15 seconds. 50% health over 15 seconds is as powerful as Second Wind.

    I don't see how warriors can dispel Priest heals.
    64K PWS, 55K DS, 7,1k * 5 = 35,5K Renew, 17,3k PoM =~ 172k, 54% pvp-power. That is without crits, but its also without healing reduction from pvp-decay or from Mortal strike.

    172k/15 =~ 11,5k DPS
    Quote Originally Posted by yurano View Post
    First off, you don't cold cast or even fake as a Shadow Priest. Either Mind Blast immediately after a fear or eat the interrupt and heal yourself. Dispersion the shock wave, eat the charge and Fear Ward the Intimidating shout?
    I'm not suposed to protect my Dispersion now? Is that what you're saying? I don't wanna be on CD of all my CCs, and without dispersion at same time, GG Reck, Banner, Avatar. And if you don't cast any mindblasts you'll never get to use DP, it would be 1 MB each 15 seconds at the best, if you pull one out on fear and one on roots(it being 30 sec instead of 45 psyfiend). 45 seconds to pull a DP+Vamp Emb+Insanity at best :/

    Quote Originally Posted by yurano View Post
    If you're a Shadow Priest and you're healing yourself with Flash Heal, you've lost the fight.
    Well i generally don't, now in its current state. In 5.0.5 It healed me for 55-60k. If i fear, have dots up and nothing to dispell, i cast a couple of them and a couple of dps-spells. You have time for that in a full fear.... What i mentioned was a test for its current efficiency to put in in perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by yurano View Post
    I also like how you've completely forgot about Vampiric Embrace, one of the few spells capable of a full heal in this game when coupled with Insanity.
    yes, glyphed or coupled with DP/insanity it could do some work, but it doesnt look to me like its all that easy to get it off if you start with 0 orbs.

    Generally my most successful attempts, this being 5.1 though, has been to stealth a far distance and get some dots up quick before he tries to spellreflect my opening. Then phantasm his charge which is no longer possible, Psyfiend first and theres a 50% chance it will go off a fear after his zerker rage ended(which lasts 6 sec) to have a full fear. I would then refresh renew/bubble/PoM and deploy some heavy damage to him. He's at second wind at this stage, probably gonna trinket my melee-fear(that i waited out the DR on), upon which i use the disarm and shadowfiend burst the last of him. If he survives i can prolong with another psyfiend coming up in 10-15 sec ish.

    For this to work, you have to have a good psyfiend, because when we tested it, it sometimes doesnt even recast fear on the warr, sometimes it didnt have time to finish cast or etc. Sometimes the warr would fear the psyfiend or such. It's also questionable if the warr would even use his zerker rage on the psyfiend. It's works if stars allign but it's not a reliable way of winning. This would be vs the better dueling warriors, not the meatheads charging your decoy and popping all CDs, and then get owned instantly for not going defensive on shadowfiend/DP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkm View Post
    Necrotic strike said bye after cata. No where near the monster it used to be.
    Obviously Blizzard thought that it's inacceptable to have a 1on1 godslayer that can kill immortals. I'm referring to healers in 1on1 situations here.

    Spamming necrotics on healers was the most fun I had with a class in random BGs, they deserved it, maybe a hunter with glyph of concussive shot was also that much fun (both got nerfed / removed in MoP).

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    100% rogue this class is fucking op ; )

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    RMP is the best i think, it's what i've seen on Chronogame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ange View Post
    Human Unholy DK,
    sitting in Bloodpresence,
    10700+ resilience,
    super defensiv runic usage to keep 100% conversion uptime,
    spamming DEATH STRIKE,
    with Death's Advance vs kiter and Asphyxiate vs melee.

    very hard to counter in 1v1.
    Would be better to play blood then, lol.

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    Well no Blood dont have the DPS. Altho Blood does more damage than any other tank by miles (In PvP)

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    Depends on who your dueling. But IMO I'd say Blood DK, SPriest, or BM/WW monks are all great 1v1!

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