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    [Spriest] Insanity vs FDCL Question.

    So, I got the chance to test out Insanity for the first time in randoms last night, and I'm just as unsure as I was previously about its viability versus fdcl in the face of the glyph of ms nerf. Sometimes it just feels like a "Win-more" skill, adding more burst on top of my burst that was already going to kill the target, but other times it was a sweet face-melting laser beam at just the right time. Any Spriests have a definitive talent choice for 5.2?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. First time post, long-time reader. <3

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    i have yet to try out the new insanity, but i stopped using fdcl and been using mindbender in 5.1...

    although insanity seems to add to our 3orb burst...

    I guess im as much on the fence about this as you are....i cant decide between insanity or mindbender xD

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    Did some 3s Wargames with my Spriest friend and he was using insanity, it's really strong and his burst is disgusting with it.

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    im currently running tendrils / body and soul / insanity /guise / PI / Halo. Its quite a fun spec because you can just burst people down and between mind blasts cooldowns it gives you more globals to purge/pom/renew/bubble etc BUT its also less overall damage because of that as well.

    Ill probably run this spec in arenas but pick up fdcl or mind bender and DI for RBGs.

    Also the option on the third glyph slot is pretty awesome, ive been running the SWD glyph and its so much fun

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