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    Question An addon to spot and alert me about enemies technics/spells (chaos bolt casting ie)


    In the fury of melee, it's sometimes hard to see what's going on away, or even around sometimes. Do you have any idea about an addon I could configure that would alert me, like " Name started shadow dance ", " Name is casting chaos bolt " and I could configure the alerts on the spells/technics of my choice ?

    Thanks, and have a good day !

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    I think it was called GladiatorLoSsa or something.

    It won't tell you every single spell but its amazing for CDs and some CCs.

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    pretty sure that powerauras can do this.
    Quite complex to setup but can track just about anything.
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    Indeed the name is : gladiatorlossa.
    I find this addon probably the most important pvp addon there is,
    its easier to react when you hear 'poly/recklesness/...' instead of looking at enemy casting bars
    and buffs etc.

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    Mik's scrolling battle text tells you what spells/abilities your current target is casting and I find it useful.

    Somewarrior is my target, and when I see

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    . [Recklessness]
    I get the fuck out of there. Well, kinda bad example as you can see with warriors when shit's about to get real. Only works for your current target though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    pretty sure that powerauras can do this.
    Quite complex to setup but can track just about anything.
    Hmm, if i remember correctly Powa needed either enemy target or focus target ie. not able to alert generic spells from any enemy.
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    Longtime pvp'r here OP.

    I use 2 addons for such thing.

    GladiatorLOSSA and Spy.

    You're welcome in advance.

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    I've checked a few of those proposed here, I like Mike's battle text, haven't tested GladiatorLOSSA yet, but I hope it'll be the right one, because any seems to be working when you're not targetting/focusing the enemy. That's that ugly dark hooded guy (but eh, I could focus him and it would work !), standing outside off the fury of the battleground, quietly casting his Chaos bolt that I'd like to be able to track

    Thanks anyway, the addons mentioned are great, and I'm already tuning some, and will for sure tr

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