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    Question Top rating this season?

    I am wondering if someone dare to guess the top rating at the end of this season in 2s/3s/5s considerin:

    "as of patch 5.2 Team Rating will gradually increase as players participate in PvP over the course of the season. We expect the new system to help ensure that the ladder remains active at all ratings and that the competition stays fierce from start to finish."

    I am just curious if someone reach a new record this season


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    I have a wild guess for Russians realms, 4k+!

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    "lf high cr players for arena. Be above 3k rating!"

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    I am a bit afraid that the achievments will become a bit to easy to achieve :P

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    It won't be too drastic imo, i think it's just to reward playing in the same team all season, and to stop people camping ratings all season, which is a good thing!
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    Well Karv and Yipz got to just over 3k this season, and I don't think it will be very easy to beat the s9 3500 ratings...

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