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    Question Klaxxi Resonance bugged?

    Hey all,

    My guild and I went HoF yesterday, we're a small guild on a low pop realm making recruiting hard.
    So we were still struggling on Garalon. Mostly because we keep losing people, have poor signups and the times we recruit someone we need to gear him/her up first.

    Anyway, we noticed that on some bosses the debuff was not applied. 2 bosses had the debuff (1st and 3rd) others didnt (2nd and 4th).

    Anyone else noticed this?

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    Yeah our guild also suffering from dps losses for same reason went there last night and 4th no buff infact due to nerf on toon dps we struggled to make beserk timer all thought perhaps he was buffed 10% lol wishfull thinking but is is worrying that now we cant make beserk on windlord and hence lost prgress time on amber. I know our mages are hurting in the fight at least 30-35k less dps on him but that cant be only issue

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