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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrouswheel View Post
    Now we're up to 3 unfunny daily blinks in a row. Keep em coming guys!
    Their funny...just not to us.
    I like Ah! my goddess, want to make some thing of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorocz View Post
    Firstly, just because you're asocial/antisocial doesn't mean that everybody is. If you tried a bit, you'd find that there's a lot of friendly people in the game. Lots of guilds have the single purpose of having fun while playing the game, chatting, doing fun events and such.

    Secondly, you start by bashing cross-realm features (DF, real ID raids etc.), which are free tools for people from dead realms to actually be able to do anything and then you rave about high cost of the transfer? Seriously?
    You start off with a fallacy, nice job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necrotica View Post
    Personally think Blizzard should have a customer loyalty/reward program where every X months (or per year) you earn stuff like free character transfers, free race changes, etc. that you can use or save.
    That's a good idea! +1

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