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    With regards to fire scaling

    Wouldn't a simple fix to this problem be that crit bonuses above a certain level of crit start to increase the critical effect component rather than the actual crit chance?

    I mean at the moment they have this ridiculous dichotomy between high ilvl fire mages doing reasonably well and everyone else not lucky enough to have been smashing 15/15 HM fed up with the RNG associated with their crit chance. If they just left CM alone in the first place (1.5), put in some kind of crit cap (e.g. 50%) so that higher ilvl crit bonuses start to add to critical effect damage.. I dunno i just can't help but feel this would solve a lot of problems.

    I don't know how much it should add to the critical effect, but that seems like a pretty easy thing for the devs to work out from a balance point of view.

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    I've already suggested spomething similar as well goo.gl/vg4o6
    And Tweeted Greg about it. Without reply, ofc...

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