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    Hunter/BM/Kill Command and Arcane Shot

    I was wondering, at what level does KC on a BM Hunter out damage Arcane Shot? I am level 64 on my Dwarf BM Hunter and 1 Arcane Shot does about 1400dmg, and 1 KC does about 800dmg. I dont see the point of KC yet. Since KC takes 40focus and AS only takes 20.

    I know at level 80 BM hunters get a thing that says pet do 16% more dmg, but even than, I dont see how KC can out damage Arcane Shot.

    Thanks for your input!
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    It starts leveling out at 80 and is clearly better by 85.

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    And by 90 -- with modest gear -- the difference becomes profound.

    I'll crit an Arcane Shot for 40-50k, then see a Kill Command land for 180k ... while using a tank pet.

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