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    State of Retribution(pvp)

    Where do I even begin? Ever since cata and beyond it seems that blizzard has gone out of their way to kick on retri palas as much as they possibly can along with other hybird classes such as shamans as it feel like that they do not seem to want to do anything but heal in pvp at all.

    I remembered in wotlk(for all its other faults) were blizzard seem to have the philosophy that most classes and each of their specs were to be viable to some degree in pvp and pve. But once cata was out it seem that their philosophy seem to have changed so much so that it felt far to much like vanilla were each class could only fitt one role I remember that one month after cata came out that I quit due not being to do pve or even pvp seeing how bad I was, ofc this got better later on in the xpack.But now in MoP it seems worse than ever I don´t see how the game as a whole can improve if they need to do the same thing each xpack were some classes/spcs suffer so much that they are almost phased out until some fix comes a long wich makes them viable again.

    What makes me the most pissed off out of everything is that classes such as mages and DKs who are doing so well atm are receiving so much attention and care you would think it was their class/spec that was suffering the most out of all the current classes feels like I am living in a bad joke but the thing is its neither funny nor do I really hear anyone but blizzard laughing.

    As it currently stands I feel like being a retribution paladin in world of warcraft is a waste of time and space in the game I feel gulity over playing a shity sub par spec. I already went through TBC were it was hard as hell to get into any guilds or pvp teams as ret I feel that by now I have payed my dues and that things should work enough so that sitting afk in SW is not the only thing I can do. I love my paladin having played it since the start of TBC and nothing has changed since that point and it will never change.
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    u have in it in yesterdays pvp interview that yes they want paladins to heal in PvP

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    We're going to keep 5.2 Ret PvP talk in this thread to keep things organized.


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