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    If your only playing Random BGs then I'd really recommend mage, as its the least gear dependent of the listed classes. Warrior or DK really suffers when its undergeared, Mage not really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaykh1 View Post
    Hello guys can you help me to choose pvp strong pvp spec to play with patch 5.2 ? I know you want to tell me now choose it alone enjoy game etc. but most ppl playing like 4-5 years and they have amazing knowledge. I don't have that so I want to learn PVP (bg\s firstly) on really strong and easy class to play. I have monk but I don't enjoy him and dont really think it is op class. So please help me to choose.
    I expect class to being not that hard to play and be just good on current patch.
    I tihnk about
    DK ( holy/frost ?)
    Warrior ? (which one) ?
    Mage (frost?)
    Maybe somthing else ?
    Please help me and do not say "MAN play class you enjoy..." I want to learn basic moves on character so I just want strong and not very very hard class to PVP. Thank you.
    Honestly, the advice in this thread is mostly way beyond you. If you're just going to do random BGs with some rated, then it doesn't matter what you play. Play what you like. By the time you get the skill to get 2200 rated or whatever, the flavor of the month (FOTM) will have changed anyway.

    In random BGs, it typically comes down to gear and healer composition/skill more than anything. A well geared and skilled healer will dictate the battle much more than any DPS will.

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    try destro lock. once you figure out their entire toolkit they have pretty amazing survivability, and incredible damage in a random incoordinated BG

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    I thought there was a rule about fotm reroll threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    No. UH DK >>>> warriors in survivability, sustained damage and anti-cc. They're about equal in control and uh dks lose out to warriors in burst. But then you have frost dks who faceroll to the top on damage/burst.
    I wanted to play an unholy dk until I realized Blood Tap is mandatory and I really cba with an extra buff to keep track of as well as an extra keybind.

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    Sorry I'm late to the party here.

    We don't allow "help me choose my class" threads. You're welcome to ask specifics about two classes against each other that you're considering, or browse the class forums and look them up yourself, but questions like this are too general and subjective. There is nothing really to discuss when the choice is yours and yours alone.

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