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    PVP druid thoughts ???

    Hey im a bit of a noob to wow but i already have 2 90s and i wanted to make a druid for pvp i play horde i was just wanting any tips what race to pick for horde cause im planing on doing 2v2 here soon.

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    Tauren is the best for Resto I'd say. Increased hp, while it's minuscule, is still nice. The stun can be a lifesaver. Troll for Feral/Balance for the haste on use. The reduction in crowd control effects is useless due to shapeshifting clearing them, though.

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    The troll racials are nice, don't get me wrong. I have always played my Tauren for warstomp. That has saved my butt so many times I cannot even begin to tell you. Whether is offensively or defensively, a stun can be crucial in pvp.

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    yea i made a troll and a tauren cause u dont see that meany troll druids on my sever even though its a high pop

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    I play troll because cows look stupid.

    War Stomp is a better racial for Resto PvP, but the gap in practical usefulness is quite small if you're not a very high end player.

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    Tauren is marginally better for resto as others have stated, but both Troll and Tauren are good.

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    I played a Tauren Druid for....4 years? 5? And I tried troll for like 2 weeks and hated it. I think Tauren look much better as Druids, in and out of form, and lore-wise they fit better. Also, berserking isn't a huge dps increase (albeit better than Tauren for dps), but War Stomp is very nice if used properly, especially in BGs in a flag room fiesta. Anyways, I would personally never try a troll Druid again. It's all personal preference, though. Just pick what appeals to you aesthetically.
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    yea i look at both of them and trolls had better dps witch is nice and i like the way the look in cat form it would be nice to have better dps ill make both of them see who feels better for me

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