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    What bosses can specifically be solo tanked by prot paladins?

    I'm curious because there seem to be a lot of fights where you can cut a tank because of bubbling of stacks etc.
    Problem is I'm getting a lot of conflicting responses so I figure I'd ask here.

    I know about Horridon Triple Puncture.

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    As of Ptr the shitty eye boss could have its stacks bubbled and bop'd. I'm not raiding anymore so no clue if it's the only tank related mechanic on HM.

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    Iron Qon normal for the same reason, maybe even twin consorts because seal of insight doesn't trigger corrupted healing.
    Bosses like council, tortos and ji'kun normal aswell with some adjustments. It's mostly because the tuning is pretty relaxed, and heroic it's obviously not viable until you maybe outgear it.

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