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    Lei Shen Static Shock trouble (10man)


    has any1 else noticed the static shock during transition phase is doing stupid amounts of damage

    at one point we had 4 people in it and all 4 (even with personals up) each got hit for 600k...total of 2.4mil dmg

    at the start the static shock dmg is fine...just in the transistion its crazy

    we dont level it up and its the lowest energy out of all 4 pillars

    are we just missing something as currently we are having to stack soaker classes who can solo it (pally, lock, mage etc)

    any thoughts or your on experience would be great

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    During the first transition phase, static shock is doing 700k (if I'm correct) damage, as all totems get leveled up no matter what.

    Basically, you have 4 groups (2x2, 2x3) and use as much immunities as possible for the groups where there are only 2 people. (Dark bargain, bubble, ice block, dispersion)
    Groups of 3 are able to stack up. You want to disable this totem as first, so you shouldn't have to worry about it for the second transition phase.
    Here are a few videos:
    Holadin / Rogue / Lock
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    we killed it....thank god!!!

    thanks for your help though

    now to take a break before HCs

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