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    2H Frost vs DW - Scaling differences.

    As anyone who does research into these specs should know we're seeing in sims (Which should be taken with a grain of salt) DW being superseded quite obviously by 2H. With the buffs to frost it's not hard to see why but what is interesting to see is Frost DW's scaling with regards to other specs, the once quite powerful DW spec has now fallen out of favor, at least in patchwerk situations.

    Now, very rarely do we see true Patchwerk situations and it's generally not a good idea to base a class' strength on it but it does give us a start point. This topic isn't a bitch about DW vs 2H it's just a simple question thread.

    Do you think DW is really going to scale as poorly through this tier or do you think with the high movement nature of the fights it will be quite competitive with 2H or will we be changing from DW to 2H on a fight per fight basis with even more emphasis?

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    I'm not quite sure you understand what scaling means.

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    It's not scaling with gear as well as other specs?

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    Sims stop being useful when they no longer mimic real performance, I suggest you stop looking at them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erishkigal View Post
    I'm not quite sure you understand what scaling means.
    What exactly is wrong with the post?

    By the time we get T15 gear, if one spec goes up significantly and the other does not, that's a scaling issue.

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