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    Frost mage stat weights in 5.2

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows the stat weights for frost mages in 5.2 so I can put them into the filter on guildox.com

    Currently on the site they use the following, but I'm not sure if they are correct:

    sta: 0.1
    int: 4.2
    mas: 2.5
    haste: 2.7
    crit: 2.6
    spellpower: 3.28


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    I only know my personal stat weights as frost but i think mastery should be alot lower

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    Guildox sucks..

    Use AskMrRobot and find your own stats weight with SimC if you wanan be precise.

    Either way, frost = haste haste haste and moar haste. then little crit, then mastery

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    Hm I can only post mine I saw after I've sim-ed mine 2 days ago (ilvl 500/501):
    dmg: 103k

    int: 4,03
    hit: 3,99
    haste: 1,86
    mastery: 1,33

    I've put the numbers into the addon reforge light and then it reforges Will sim again tomorrow as my mage is wearing two different items now.

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