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    Yeah i think its a latency thing if you use a macro like:
    /cast pom
    /cast at
    /cast pyroblast


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    I have had more success just using POM/AT in a macro. But for some reason tonight, we were putting attempts on Lei Shen and even that macro wasn't working. I even tried physically clicking POM and then AT. I clicked them after getting a pyro proc, pyro'd twice, then clicked AT again to get two more pyros, but I didn't. I don't know what's going on with POM tonight. And I confirmed with another mage in my raid. He was having the same issue.

    Edit: Discovered that it DOES work on Lei Shen, just not for an undetermined amount of time after the pull. Since Alter Time is only available for every other Combust, I just started doing my first Combust without Alter Time and instead using it for my second. Worked fine for the second. Never works on the first. Dunno why.
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    It doesn't work while hes shocking the raid before hes charging a pillar in my experiences. I think the debuff you have while hes doing his raid wide aoe is what breaks AT. Once I started to avoid that I stopped having problems.

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