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    LF boomkin pvp help

    Hi, looking for Boomkin PVP information. Stat priorities, what should I gem and which talents are best for 2v2 and 3v3. If anyone would like to point to a Boomkin pvp info resource, feel free as well. Wouldn't hurt to say which classes would be my best teammates for 2's and 3's. Cheers

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    stat priorities i go crit>mastery>haste for pvp gemming flat pvp power but only because i rbg alot too. it wouldnt be to bad in 3s depending if you play with a lock or not(symbiosis lock for shield wall)

    Why crit? starsurge procs, multi dotting and getting them surge procs. especially if you ever get into rbgs. but if you are strictly doing 2s/3s probably gem more resil.

    Comp wise LSD will be strong imo and so will spicy chicken with fire critical mass being reverted.

    just my 2c

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    Also make a focus macro and make all your/cc mouseover macros.
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