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    TFC's Oondasta's Zerg rush

    Made a video for the players of the forgotten coast zerg rushing Oondasta and the only thing i thought of when recording this was clown car music. Enjoy!
    /shameless self promotion

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    Everything's funnier when set to Benny Hill music...FACT.
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    Oondasta's a freakin badass. I love that Trex. lol
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    I did find it amusing to see you laugh at the people getting cut down by his aoe and dying in general, pop army, run in and insta-die
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    I laughed at myself for that one lol.

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    Hunter's DREAM to tame it and allow it to use FRILL BLAST!

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    So basicly, you just sat there for the entire thing laughing with people, and at a couple % left you charge in to still get credit for the kill?
    Totally lame.

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    Oondasta is a terrible idea, lets make a boss that require strat on the open world so ppl can zerg it with 5 full raids...
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    Lol that was awesome.

    "Hmm now is a good time to join in" *pops army* BAM oneshot.
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