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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightvision View Post
    Goblin Druids

    Well they wouldn't actually be druids, only gameplay wise, but visually they would use shredders. Eg. Shifting to moonkin form turns on shredder's ranged weapons like lasers, rockets and sawblade launcher. Shifting to cat activates your shredder's melee abilities etc.

    This would involve a lot of renaming but I think it could be easily done. Specs could be something like Demolishing (balance), Lumberjack (Feral), Medic (Resto), Protector (Guardian)
    Balance = KABOOMKIN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Undead Druids, yes.

    They shape-shift into undead animals. Zombie bear, zombie cat (which we don't have yet, so hey), zombie vulture for flight form... spooky tree form... dead sea cow... yeah, that'd be neat.

    Because death is a part of nature too.
    I wull agree with Undead Druids, if they got Zombie forms, like you said. If not, then I DON`T agree, becuse Undead Mookins don`t make any sanse for me.. don`t ask why. It just don`t makes me feel right to see / play with Undead Mookin. But, if Blizzard add Undead Druids, then they should be zombie bear, zombie cat ect forms..

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    Blood Elf Druids ffs. :d Give me a reason to go Horde.

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    Zombie moonkin, how could I have forgotten them?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asheriah View Post
    The monk animations for Worgens and Goblins are actually in the files. You can look at them by using Wow model viewer.

    It looks a bit silly though, but to be fair, most of the monk animations look weird on anything else that is not a pandaren.
    This pic actually look awesome .

    But yeah, Worgen/Gob Monks for me, i'd prolly make a worgen monk just to goof around.

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    Tauren Rogue (from friendly Grimtotem, if any), Undead Paladin (like Sir Zeliek from Naxx), Gnome Hunters would be cool to see.
    For the love of God, I really hope Blizz never considers Blood Elf druids >_>

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    If it`s up to me, I remove monk class from the game, becuse I don`t think that fighting class should be in warcraft..
    Or let only Panderian have a Monk class. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathranis View Post
    Blood elf Druid: How can you say no to this face? There is also some precedence in the Botanica, and there was precedence for high elven druids before retcons changed some of the Quel'thalas backstory. I'd prefer them to have a cavalier attitude towards nature, viewing it as something they can control and manipulate. This would be a good fit if their starting zones are ever updated, with druids working to regrow the Dead Scar.
    You can't say no to that face, no. That was freakin' hilarious and adorabibble all at once. I sure hope she posted that on the official forums. I want to fly above the canopy, too! I couldn't make out all the lyrics, what's she say about the gnomes? Context is obvious -- little twerps can be in melee range.

    Worgen also can't be paladins for a similar reason; Gilneans never had any sort of Paladin order, so they naturally didn't have any Paladins.
    Well, no humans had Paladins until they had Paladins. It wasn't genetically programmed into Lordaeron or Stormwind as subspecies. Gilneans as humans having latent druidism is hard to buy, but it actually makes less sense that they be the only humans who could never have been Paladins for some reason.

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