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    Is "Champions of the Thunder King" quest weekly?

    Can anyone confirm if this is a one time turn in or weekly? I am valor capped and would like to save it for another time if it is a one time thing. But would hate to lose out on the extra rep. Maybe someone that has done it on the ptr? Thanks.

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    I was asking that myself. I've googled and stuff but I didn't find anything out. Finished the quest yesterday and there is no quest after this. I have hoped for it anyway.

    They did say in a blue post: "Similarly, you can only obtain one Shan'ze Ritual Stone from an Isle of Thunder Rare Elite per week. You'll still be able to collect more from other sources, though. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)" and we know you need 3 to summon 1 of the 3. So if this is a weekly you deffo need a grp for this - and that's what the quest is for - grp quest of 5.

    So I'd say weekly, yes.

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