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    One handed sword as Sub?

    Can I do that? I mean the offhand, because I need a dagger in the mainhand for Backstab.

    Is it acceptable?

    I only play PvP though, and then just bg,s mostly or world pvp.

    Is it acceptable if I pull a sword in offhand?
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    Putting a sword in your OH as sub is a DPS loss because it will proc fewer poisons (see poison application rate; flat % chance per hit). If this is acceptable to you, and does not push you under the minimum damage the people you play with expect for having a good time, it's acceptable.

    It's not the best option, but "acceptable" is a somewhat nebulous term, and you have to decide for yourself how much the loss of poison damage (shouldn't be HUGE as sub, but I'm not sure about damage breakdowns in PvP) matters to you.

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    Thanks, I don't play with any team or group of people so that's okay.

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