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    A nice place to AoE grind from 87-90? Probably doing mob-tagging with a friend

    Hello lads!

    I've been looking for some nice places to do a bit of mob tagging from 87 through 90 with a friend of mine.
    We were going to kill the elites around Sha of Anger but the experience gained seems to have been nerfed

    I've leveled five characters to 90 by now and am just getting tired of the process. Please help!

    Kindest regards

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    There's a spot in Kun-Lai Summit where there's a cage and there's monkey Cagemasters all around it. You just mob tag them and they spawn really quickly.

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    Pretty sure the elementals in krarasang near zhu village are still the best, they just keep respawning before you can even kill them and the faster you kill them=the faster they respawn.

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