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    Question Strange theft of Gold

    Today I logged into my main and found that i had somehow managed to pay 27k in gold for one piece of cloth.

    After checking the rest of my toons it looks like they made a similar purchase, to the point that I have less than 5 gold between the lot of them.

    Strange thing is none of my gear was touched and the contents of their banks remain intact.

    Even weirder is all of them where logged out where i had left them. Not one of them was anywhere near the AH.

    My first thoughts where I'd been hacked but finding this all a bit strange. I've raised a ticket and I'm waiting for Blizz to come back to me.

    Anyone else been the victim of this type of robbery?

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    Do you have remote AH on your smartphone, perhaps they managed to hack using that

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    Nah. Don't have anything like that.

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    the remote auction house is free so they could of easily logged in onto it using ur account after stealing it
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    Isn't remote AH for free nowadays? I remember a change along those lines about half a year ago.

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    Thing is if they stripped the accounts right down and sold everything they would have pulled in a lot more gold. Even emptying my bags would have added up to nearly 1k. They took the trouble to get into the account but didn't really exploit it.

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    Maybe they use some automated apps to perform remote AH transactions on hacked accounts, but then require actual people to log and transfer stuff. In your case they have done the AH thing, but hacker hasn't logged in yet
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    I'm not going to buy any game by EA as long as they continue those practices.

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    I've changed my password and scanned the computer for key loggers etc. I hope that's enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slackjawsix View Post
    the remote auction house is free so they could of easily logged in onto it using ur account after stealing it
    If he had an authenticator...no.

    Did you have an authenticator, OP?

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    Foolishly I thought I didn't need one. Learned my lesson though. Should get it in the next few days

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    yup youve been got by the remote auction house. Hackers dont even need to log your account in to rob you blind. Good thing you noticed though cause next step woulda been clearing out yer banks.
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    You dont need the app for that... You can also get on the Battle.net website and access the AH and buy stuff..

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    Probably being a bit naive here but the gold has to go somewhere. More than likely to a compromised account. Surely Blizz can trace it.

    At this point I'm thinking back to when for various reasons i accessed my account from a different IP. Got locked out till i changed the password.

    This sort of thing must happen quite a lot. Technology these days should be able to pick up on it. Possibly even block an IP accessing numerous accounts.

    Blizz should put something in their terms of use that denies access to an account from a hidden IP if that's what being used

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