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    Surprise! addon problems in new patch

    It's not new to me that outdated addons will bug out in new patch, but now it causes more problems than before. When i'm in scenario/hc, as long i'm attacking mob, my fps drops to 1-5. Must be some addon that has not updated yet.

    I thought i solved the problem yesterday when i disabled scrolling combat text addon and it worked, but today same problem came back and i'm not changed anything. (???) I've already tried few other outdated addons that could cause something (like recount etc., disabled Perl classics's threat meter) but no difference. I have so many addons that it could take ages to check each one invidually, joining scenario and getting deserter debuff for leaving it as i'm not going to waste other players time solving addon problems in their instance.

    So, TL;DR: anyone had same problem and did you found what addon it was specifically?
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    does it ONLY happen in a heroic? ie in a group?

    it may be possible that whatever unit frame you are using is clashing with blizzards new displaying shield on unit frame functions, try updating whatever unit frame addon you are using

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    I tend to find damage meters killing my game after patches before I update them.

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    Don't check addons one by one to find what is causing issues. Disable like 10 addons at a time. If the problem goes away, you've narrowed it down to 10 possibly bad addons. Of those 10, turn 5 back on. Is the issue back? If so, you've narrowed it down to 5. Rinse and repeat.
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    Haven't had any problems myself, there aren't any huge changes in the API this patch. There seems to be a bit more info sent in the combat log, so that could potentially cause some problems with addons that parse it. As JSZ says, disable a large amount of addons at a time to have an easier time identify it.

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    The only issues I've seen are pretty much server wide lag fests so far. I always ask in vent / guild if anyone else got it and most of the reply have the lag at the same time.
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    http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/brokercpu try this addon, it will tell you what addon causes the lag

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    I've been experiencing these lag spikes as well. It is usually happening when i am flying around and the phasing of mobs for an area show up. It also happens alot when i am fighting a new elite mob, inevitably causing my death and loss of the tag when they do a one shot ability you're suppposed to avoid.

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