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    Question How do you farm gold?

    Hi. So recently I have started playing GW2. I am currently level 40. Now in the last 2 games I have played (Also mmorpgs) I was extremely rich. And I mean over the top rich. In this game I just can't understand how this economy works. I have wasted around 3 golds now trying new methods of making money with no success, since everything in the TP seems to be selling just a couple of silvers more than the vendor price, and you can't really make big bargains because of the system the TP works with. There seem to be two kinds of items: Very cheap ones, around the 50s, and very expensive ones, around 20g or higher. This seems to be blocking me as a newcomer from getting to the 20g+ area. I am so desperate I actually believe making money without grinding items is nearly impossible without wasting great amounts of time and power.

    So how do you make money? Where do you farm? What do you farm? How long does it take you to make 1g? What is your level? Is this method stable (for example is it an exploit of a glitch or a new event that is going to be over soon etc)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For working the trading post:

    The most consistently reliable way is to run dungeons or fractals. You can make 2-5g an hour.

    There's little to no inflation in this game so your gold is worth much much more here than it is in other games where you can rack up millions of gold (and things cost hundreds of thousands of gold)
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    We have a thread on this topic in circulation already: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-you-get-rich?

    -- Fencers

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