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    Quality Rogue Theorycrafting Sources

    Sup guys. Freshly rerolled rogue looking for a few quality sources on advanced theorycrafting and min maxing.

    I've rerolled from Fury Warrior, where I had a lot of success parsing #1 on a majority of the 16 heroic fights last tier.

    On the warrior spectrum of things Landsoul was always a great go-to source for a fresh dps warrior a bit lost on his way.

    My question is what are you guys using (other than the Assas thread stickied thread at the top of this forum. I'm looking to play all 3 specs, probably starting with assas and moving on to combat and sub.

    Thanks so much in advance!
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    The EJ rogue threads (see the GUIDES! sticky) have a lot of current information, even if it looks slightly out of date: not much has changed in a while, so a lot of the questions have been answered for some time now, and most of that information can be found by reading the relevant threads there.

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    Site made for rogues which helps you with reforges, gems and pretty much every good rogue is using it.
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