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What do you think about this?

(not in BG/arena)

in open world when there's fighting going on and you're within a certain amount of levels, you kill someone and you can loot them, randomly giving you some BoE's in their bags or some gold? kind of like old school wilderness on runescape.

do you think it would be fun? you could also loot honor from them as well instead of instantly giving it to you. idk, just a thought. I think it would increase world pvp. a lot.

and they could also drop ears like in old school diablo, and you can turn in ears or insignias for xmog stuff or additional items.
If you like oldschool runescape, then go and play it. They have released 2007 runescape servers. Now off you go!

The reason PvP in MMOs is fun is because there's not so much of a risk. You die and you can proceed like nothing happened. Gear is also way more special in WoW than it is in RuneScape.